Our President and CEO

Toyce Newton is the President, CEO of Phoenix Youth and Family Services, Inc. In 1995, Toyce founded the organization to create opportunities for economic, social, and community development in rural and impoverished counties in Southeast Arkansas. She began her career with the Department of Human Services where the primary emphasis and impact was on youth that were status offenders, abused, and neglected.

Later in her career she worked for a local community mental health center, as Coordinator of Youth Services Programs, for a five county Juvenile Justice Program in Southeast Arkansas. In that position she helped develop local and state policies on placement and services for status offenders and delinquents. Mrs. Newton has been on the cutting edge of juvenile services advocacy for over twenty five years. Toyce has spent her career overcoming the challenge of establishing a viable youth program in a rural state

Through the years, she has tackled tough social programs with effective and systematic solutions. She is committed to bringing people together to create new programs and improve access to services. Toyce reaches past boundaries and works in a wide range of community initiatives that are bound by geography, socio-economic strata, ideas, and values.


The result has been the formation of unusual partnerships and collaborations between individuals, agencies, and small and medium-sized companies.


The continued success of these partnerships is evidenced through the positive outcomes of the Youth Opportunity initiative granted through the United States Department of Labor. Toyce's guiding principle and philosophy of service is simple. She believes that networks should collaborate in order to capitalize on best practices and practical lessons in order to ensure that programmatic resources are maximized. Toyce has been recognized as an expert in rural youth development - with emphasis on youth employment and development.


The Department of Labor has recognized the Phoenix Youth Opportunity Movement as one of the most innovative service delivery programs in youth development. She has presented to many boards and organizations, including, the National Association of Workforce Boards, West Virginia Investment Board, and the NYEC New Leaders Academy regarding effective youth partnerships and programming in America - especially rural America. Additionally, her expertise involves getting high-risk youths into employment arenas that were previously not viable placements.

Toyce displays excellent leadership skills in her career, church, home, and community. She is well known and respected throughout her community and state. She serves on the National Youth Employment Coalition Executive Committee, 4-H State Foundation Board, Vera Institute of Justice Board, Rotary International, and Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. Presently she serves on the board of Arkansas State Department of Education and is the Chair of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Board. Additionally she has received statewide awards such as the African-American Women on the Move and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award.

Mrs. Newton holds a B.A. and M.A. in Sociology from Henderson State University. She and her husband, Herman, live in Crossett, Arkansas. They are the proud parents of three sons - Marcus, Roderick, and Joshua, and the grandparents of Roderick Jr.

Our Board

The Phoenix Youth and Family Services Board represents a vibrant cross-section of the greater community to which PYAFS has dedicated its services. One board member is an entrepeneur; another is an educator; one works for a multi-billion dollar manufacturing giant; one is a professional community activist; and one a gifted and charismatic religious leader.

Service committments by board members average 10+ years, and the intensity of their commitment is included in the leadership and staff of the PYFS organization.