Board Members

Our Board Members serve an average of 10+ years.


Board member Larry Henderson, is a community activist employed by the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Committee. Mr. Henderson, is a loving husband (to his wife Dorothy), and father (to son Cornell).

Larry justifies his personal commitment to PYFS because “…there are too few organizations concerned about the welfare of the family in Southeast Arkansas. To this, Larry recognizes PYFS organizational strengths in “…partnering and reaching out to help train others. "

When asked, Larry cited two compelling concerns facing PYFS in going forward: (1) availability and adequacy of continued funding and (2) increasing the level of community participation in PYFS programs.

Larry Henderson is a well-rounded board member who, in his free time enjoys Track & Field, Reading, and Antiques.


Board member Joyce L. Vaught is an educator in the Lakeside School District.

Though Ms. Vaught’s valued board membership spans many years, her unwavering commitment is pointedly constant: “…to improve the quality of life for everyone, in the community [at large].

When asked about her vision of PYFS’ future, Ms. Vaught opined that PYFS’ niche is “...providing [social] services [that are] unavailable anywhere else. However, a major concern for Board member Vaught is how to keep funding levels sufficient to enable the organization to maintain its excellent record as a service deliverer to the community-at-large.

Joyce, in her “other life away from the PYFS Board, enjoys Politics, Literature, Needlework, and Travel. In addition to being a mother to son Jay (and his wife Sherry), Ms. Vaught is also a doting grandmother to granddaughters Rebekah and Sarah.


Board member Samuel Jamison has been a member of the PYFS Board since the organization’s inception in 1995.

Mr. Jamison committed his professional skills to PYFS early on, in order to “…enhance the quality of life for the residents of Southeast Arkansas. " In the future, Samuel’s vision of PYFS is that of an organization “...[ever] growing, and expanding…and providing more and better services to benefit the community…which it proudly serves."

Mr. Jamison is married to Pamela Jamison, and has little time for outside interests; however, he is a longtime employee of one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of packaging, paper building products, and related chemicals


Board member Mark D. McElroy is a trusted member of the PYFS Board. He is an entrepreneur, an Actor, and the Judge for Desha County. Most recently he was elected to the Arkansas Legislature.

Mr. McElroy is committed to developing and nurturing youth in Desha County and has expressed his commitment by saying over and over again “we have to retain our youth in Desha County. "

Mark is extremely serious about of his service on the Board and envisions “…Phoenix Youth & Family Services growing [exponentially] …and helping more [underserved] people on a daily basis.

Mark enjoys the company of his wife Tereisia, and their two children Nick and Megan.  Mark is especially proud of his recent debut in a made-for-TV movie, Mr. Christmas.


Board member Rev. T.A. Broomfield has been a loyal and faithful member since the inception of the organization in 1995. Rev. Broomfield was born and raised in McGehee, Arkansas. He has served the Crossett Community for over 2 decades fighting social injustice and equality. Rev. Broomfield stands behind the organizations mission "Since the organization's inception it has grown and I know without a doubt will grow even larger.....serving more and more people in rural Southeast Arkansas." He has established his reputation as a community organizaer and a strong intervener by starting the week long Youth for Christ Crusaide. The YCC is held during Spring Break and consists of activities empowering youth through workshop such as "Bullying", "Teen Dating Violence", Drug Preventionk and Self-Esteem. Rev. Broomfield is also married to Rev. Ina Kay Broomfield.


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