Services Offerred

Phoenix Youth and Family Services is constantly involved in developing new programs and services to address identified needs in Southeast Arkansas.

We are committed to developing and sustaining quality programs and services that enhance our mission of creating opportunites for rural and low-income residents of Southeast Arkansas.

Alcohol & Drugs

Regional Prevention Provider and Lead & Seed
Through funding from Arkansas Division of Behavioral Health Services and partnership with the City of Crossett, Phoenix was able to implement the Lead and Seed Program. 

“Lead and Seed” is a youth empowered, adult supported, environmental approach to initiating healthy choices and lifestyles including reducing substance abuse. The goal of the program is to develop the capacity of youth groups to take a leadership role as change agents who are actively involved in promoting and/or implementing prevention efforts in their communities.

Phoenix’s youth coalition is composed of 11-14 year old Crossett youth that concentrate on tobacco prevention. The program allows youth to make decisions and design activities appropriate to the Crossett area and to impact their adolescent peers. Youth are engaged in leadership processes, social marketing, civic engagement, and collaboration and working with community partners.

“Lead and Seed” is an evidence-based program which utilizes the SAMHSA 5 Step Strategic Prevention Framework process.

Violence Prevention

Phoenix Domestic Violence Outreach Program
This outreach is a vital component in a comprehensive service system for victims of domestic violence. For those who still live with their abusers and those who have left the relationship can benefit from support and advocacy services offered. Phoenix has long seen a need to help victims of domestic violence become survivors, and is motivated by the need to service the community. Funded by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, the community-based outreach grant addresses the unique needs of victims in Ashley, Chicot, and Desha counties in Arkansas. The primary goal of the program is to ensure a victims safety by making victims more aware and understand the dynamics of domestic violence. We also assist victims in identifying and dealing with their feelings, exploring available options to help them improve their situation, provide practical information and resources, and support and promote a victim's ability to make his/her own choices.

Phoenix Violence Outreach Program uses a dual approach to educate the public about domestic violence, teen-dating violence, and elder abuse to empower victims with direct assistance. By assisting victims in the earlier cycle of domestic disputes, our outreach servies can reduce the need for more shelter services and stimulate long-term benefits for victims and the family unit as a whole. We have an early intervention and prevention focus; outreach services delivered in our communities offer an alternative to serving the high percentage of victims who are not currently in imminent physical danger, and who seek suppport in reducing or eliminating the abuse in their lives. The outreach program and the Domestic Violence Advocate provide comprehensive services to victims. Our services included but are not limited to assistance in attaining orders of protection, accompaniment and transportation, prevention information and training, housing and shelter information, referral to behavior health, information leading to a safer environment, and information on legal aid. Please contact us for assistance or additional information.


Judicial Services

Comprehensive Community
Based Program

Judicial Services All too many young people are at risk of being arrested or are currently involved in the criminal justice system. Phoenix established the Comprehensive Community-Based Judicial Services program to create positive paths for youth in the Arkansas 10th Judicial District. Delinquent youth, juveniles who have had one or more commitments to the Arkansas Youth Services Center, youth referred by the Juvenile Court System, and adjudicated families in need of supervision are considered priorities for service by the innovative program. Its mission is to provide early intervention, rehabilitation, and preventive services. The extensive range of structured treatment solutions and programs offered includes: evaluation and diagnosis; drug screening; targeted case management; group and individual counseling; intensive supervision and tracking; Emergency shelter Residential treatment programs; and mentoring. The Comprehensive Community-Based Judicial Services program gives young people ages ten to twenty-one the tools needed to correct anti-social, violent, and self-destructive behavior. As a result, the community benefits from independent, self-sufficient, and productive young people who have learned to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect. Phoenix collaborates with law enforcement agencies, the court system, local school districts, and faith based groups to provide at-risk youth with positive alternatives. Key components of this partnership are recreation, socialization, vocational services, job placement and parenting education. Contact Us for assistance or additional information

Graduation Initiative

Youth Development