Staff Members

At Phoenix we have a highly qualified staff.


Name Position Email Location   
Toyce Newton President/CEO Crossett    
Christie Lindsey Newton Deputy Director Crossett   
Earnest Smith Director of Juvenile Justice Crossett   
Evandy Ware Administrative Assistant Crossett  
Leslie Jasper Project Coordinator Crossett  
Regina Boston Family Support Specialist Crossett   
Shan Kidd Project Coordinator Crossett  
Roshunda Davis Family Support Specialist Crossett  
Bertha Webb Americorp Volunteer Crossett  
Loretta Caver Family Support Specialist Crossett  
Bridgett Jones Violence Outreach Crossett  
Dorothy Mosby Family Support Specialist Dumas/McGehee  
Tatesha Bell Family Support Specialist Dumas/McGehee  
Andrea Mcjoy Family Support Specialist Lake Village  
Douglas Williams Family Support Specialist Monticello  
Joshua Gibbs Family Support Specialist Monticello
Evelyn Prosper Program Coordinator    



Project Nice

Stand up to bullying! No matter what you wear, how you look, who you like, or your race - no one deserves to be bullied.

Stop Domestic Violence

If you or you think someone you know may be a victim of domestic violence, reach out to a trusted friend or family member - or contact us for guidance. Check your risk of relationship danger by visiting